Healing Waters, Healing Hospital

We want art that’s unambiguously positive.

– Lisa Mulvaney, Lurie Children’s art coordinator

Sculptor Mark Davis gets that. His suspended mobile “Healing Waters” is the latest addition to our hospital’s collection of inspiring art work.

Gigi and Michael Pucker, through a gift from the Pritzker Family Foundation, commissioned Mark to create the sculpture that now hangs over our main entrance’s welcoming island. It was unveiled during a ceremony that the artist, Michael Pucker, patient families and several other members of the Lurie Children’s community attended.

“Healing Waters” was designed to have a soothing effect on visitors, while also fitting in with the humpback whales in the lobby and the aquarium outside of our Emergency Department. Give us a water slide and a lazy river and we’ll be full-fledged waterpark! Just kidding. The peaceful ocean theme you see everywhere actually serves an important purpose.

Mark’s sculpture is the latest testament to Lurie Children’s commitment to the Pebble Project, a group that studies the impact of hospital design on patient health. “Healing Waters” will also become part of our study with the Center for Health Design, which has also been focusing on the healing properties of the Crown Sky Garden.

Speaking of which, the Crown Sky Garden was just featured in a Parenting.com article about the healing spaces movement that’s cropping up in hospitals around the country. The Wall Street Journal also featured us in an article about this breakthrough caretaking approach.

The Chicago Sun-Times also just wrote about the art throughout the hospital that’s designed to promote positive thinking and healing. Take a look at the article to learn more about our hopes for the artwork and the community partners that made it all possible.

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