Getting to Know You: Mandy Skoskiewicz, APN

Getting to Know You: Mandy Skoskiewicz, APN


After spending her fair share of time in hospitals when she was young with her frequently ill mother, Mandy Skoskiewicz, APN, knew early on that a career in nursing was the right path for her. And having just won Lurie Children’s 2013 Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year Award, it’s safe to say she made a good choice.

Mandy began her tenure with the hospital as an intern in 2004, and she’s been with us ever since. Our warm, positive culture drew her in, and the sense of camaraderie that she feels toward her fellow staff members is part of what keeps her here. Another part of the job that she loves is establishing long-term relationships with her patients.

After working in a couple of different specialties, Mandy found her passion in the Division of Immunology. Immune deficiencies can affect the entire body, so finding the right treatments for patients can really change their quality of life.

Mandy with Augie and another nurse

“It’s really rewarding to watch our patients begin to feel better. When they are healthy, they are better able to reach developmental milestones and thrive both in the home, and in the school setting. It also has a huge impact on the whole household. Living with a frequently ill child can take a toll on parents and siblings. After years of not knowing what’s wrong, there’s finally a treatment that can manage their child’s condition.”

What do young nurses have to learn from Mandy’s success? Her advice is simple: “Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to try different specialties. There are so many areas within healthcare, and nurses have the freedom to explore different options until they find their passion.”

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