Preventing Window Falls

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By Karen Sheehan, MD

You know it is finally (!) spring in Chicago when:

A. The Cubs have lost more games than they have won (no judgment)

B. Pollen counts are tracked instead of snow accumulation

C. A child falls from a window

D. All of the above

Unfortunately the answer is D. The good thing is, while we may never be able to resolve A and B, we can prevent children falling from windows:

  1. Avoid opening your window more than 4 inches. If you have air conditioning, just install window stoppers or sash stops (which are often built into newer windows) to remind you and guests not to open the window too far. If you don’t have air conditioning, install child releasable window guards. It’s important that they are easily releasable in case of a fire.
  2. Open from the top down, if you can.
  3. Move furniture away from windows. This is critical, but often overlooked— and it is so easy to do.
  4. Lastly, remember that most screens aren’t strong enough to prevent a fall. Screens are designed to keep bugs out, not kids in!


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