A Hopeful Holiday for Harlow: Santa’s Elves Pay Her a Visit

A Hopeful Holiday for Harlow: Santa’s Elves Pay Her a Visit

A child’s first holiday is typically reserved for new traditions, bright and shiny toys, and cherished family memories. For Harlow, it was spent in the hospital.

Not even one year old, Harlow was battling cancer. She endured more medical procedures during the early months of her life than most have to experience in a lifetime. Having their small child in the hospital was devastating for Harlow’s parents, and the holiday season made it even more difficult.

That is, until Santa’s elves paid a special visit to her room at Lurie Children’s. Harlow and her parents awoke on Christmas morning to a pile of gifts and a letter from Santa that was delivered by his elves at the hospital, Harlow’s nurses.

The letter read:

Letter and gifts from Santa's elves.
The letter and the gifts that Santa’s elves delivered to Harlow.

Dear Harlow and Family,

Merry Christmas to you all!

Your giggle and the spirit of your smile helped me find you at the hospital. I heard your parents are wishing for a higher white count and an ANC – I’m not sure if my elves have anything to help with those, but we will all be thinking high white count thoughts!! I’ll be thinking of your happy spirit as I finish up my world journey!

May your Christmas be joyful and full of love, sweet girl!



Santa’s jolly holiday greeting provided a sense of comfort and familiarity, and made for a lasting holiday memory for Harlow and her family. For a moment, the trying times suddenly disappeared and the true joy of the holidays shone through.

Holiday helpers are all around the hospital during the holiday season. Whether it’s a gift, festive decor or a kind gesture, Lurie Children’s staff goes above and beyond to provide a bright holiday season for our patients and families celebrating in the hospital.

You can help provide hope to kids like Harlow this holiday season, too. Learn how by visiting our website.

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