All, for your one.

All, for your one.

Today, Lurie Children’s is excited to unveil our new campaign: All, for your one.

Since you will start to come across it in your daily lives — radio, online, billboards, bus shelters and magazines — we thought we’d give you our rationale for the change.

A New Idea for an Old Promise

In 134 years, we’ve gone from being the first children’s hospital in Illinois to one of the nation’s best. Now, as we become a world-class center for pediatric science and medicine, it’s important that our brand evolves with us.

“All, for your one” is the next chapter in our storied history. It’s a reflection of all of the incredible innovations, discoveries and stories that are happening at Lurie Children’s, and a celebration of all the people that make them possible. It perfectly articulates our promise that everything we do — all of us — is driven by the belief that every child deserves to become a healthy, happy adult. And we treat every child as though they’re the only one in the world.

All the research.
All the care.
All the compassion.

All, for your one.

Here’s a video that sums it up nicely:

All Together

This is more than a new brand idea. We intend it to be a rallying cry, a way to bring us all together to help kids in the Chicago area and around the world have brighter futures. There’s strength in numbers, so please consider:

Watch, read and listen to our entire advertising campaign.

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