Registered Dietitians Part of Patient’s Multi-Disciplinary Team

Registered Dietitians Part of Patient’s Multi-Disciplinary Team

March is National Nutrition month. Lurie Children’s Department of Clinical Nutrition has 22 registered dietitians (RDs) a nutrition services coordinator/dietetic technician and a clinical nutrition manager. RDs have different areas of expertise and work with patient’s multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers. They provide a wide range of services for patients of all age, including assessment, developing care plans, monitoring and education. Our dietitians specialize in a variety of diseases and nutrition therapies, work with both inpatient and outpatient services as well as participate in quality improvement and research.

Our RDs have nutritional training and specialized experience with divisions or conditions, such as digestive disorders, diabetes or kidney problems. Their expertise helps provide high-quality care as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Nutritional services are incorporated into our patients’ overall treatment plans. Our RDs provide nutritional assessments, with intervention and counseling as needed. Services include:

  • Calculating caloric daily needs
  • Recommending nutrition support
  • Developing goals for individuals receiving intravenous nutrition
  • Creating individualized nutrition care plans

For children with special healthcare needs, a good nutritional status helps to minimize complications from illness, medical treatments and surgery.

Click here to learn more about our Department of Clinical Nutrition.

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