Hope for the Future: Reflections on Pediatric Epilepsy

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Today’s blog is written by my colleague, Douglas R. Nordli, Jr., MD, a pediatric epileptologist at Lurie Children’s. In honor of Purple Day 2013, a part of the global campaign to increase awareness of pediatric epilepsy, Dr. Nordli looks back … Read More

Keeping Your Child (and 20-year-old Men) Safe From Poisoning

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By Karen Sheehan, MD When I was a pediatric emergency medicine fellow, I spent a month working at the Illinois Poison Center (IPC) to learn a bit about poison prevention and toxicology. I spent my time answering the poison center … Read More

So Long, Josie

Our nurse, Josie Johnson, has touched so many lives at Lurie Children’s (formerly Children’s Memorial Hospital). After four decades spent caring for sick children and their families, and serving as a mentor for generations of doctors and nurses, Josie has … Read More

An Honest and Informed Look at Gun Violence Prevention

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By Karen Sheehan, MD I don’t imagine it is much of a surprise to anyone living in Chicago that violence is a complicated issue. There are factors that contribute to the incidence of violence. These factors include, but are not … Read More

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